Your Remarkable Body!

After 29 years in the health, ftness and wellness business, there is not much in this realm I have not experienced within my own body and spirit , OR had the opportunity to assist clients with on their path to be comlete.

As a bodyworker, I can say that there are no two of us the same. Our beliefs, problems, worries and how we each manifest these in our physical body are always unique. While I am not here to critique or judge, my mission is to offer suggestions on the many remedies available to hopefully make our journey here a bit easier. When I work with people either in movement or massage/energy work, I am always mindful of what my choices are to assist them on their path of love and light and not necessarily with words but always intent.

My blog is definitely “fit” for all – woman and man. However, as a working mom over 40, I know the stress, anxiety and many “shifts” in my body are shared with others in my age group. We are all searching for assistance to feel better, function better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And – well – maybe even look better!!!