Your Body Doesn’t Lie

Muscle testing is the way I determine what to eat, which remedies to use and how much. The most important thing to remember is always treat ” in the moment”. The body is ever changing. What you needed yesterday may not be what you need today. I use this type of testing on myself, my family, animals, and clients.
There are no two of us alike. Which is why there are so many different opinions on diet and nutrition. Eat dairy, don’t eat dairy. Should I eat wheat or not?  Should I be a vegetarian?  Why does my friend eat like that and look and feel good but I don’t?
Behavioral Kinesiology is based on the book written by John Diamond, MD, “Your Body Doesn’t Lie”,   A philosophy as well as an integrated science, BK spans all the healing arts. It has been incorporated into many diverse areas of psychosomatic medicine,  allergy, Accupuncture, psychiatry, nutrition, dentistry, osteopathy, sports training as well as veterinarian use.
Many clinical nutritionist use this coupled with hair analysis, saliva testing and now many new types of blood work that test on a cellular level.
So in the future when I write on different nutritional topics, you will know how to best determine what’s best for you!!!
I highly recommend reading this book. If you would like to take a class and learn this technique, contact Kim or Allison at