Yeast Free Diet

In my first article about the thyroid, I wrote a whole checklist of symptoms such as constipation, fatigue, headaches, allergies, joint pain, auto-immune disease, etc. , affiliated with thyroid malfunction. So if you have any of these symptoms, a yeast free diet may certainly help you along.
Eventhough we all should be very grateful for antibiotics, I believe they have been and continue to be overused which is why so many of them don’t rid infection in our bodies anymore!!!   So as we kill one infection we contribute to suppressing our immune system only to create another infection. It becomes a vicious cycle!!   If you HAVE to take them, avoid all forms of sugar, dairy, fermented foods, alcohol, and take a good quality probiotic.  Birth control pills and steroid use can also contribute to yeast.
Yeast or candida in the digestive system will slow down nutrient absorption, digestion, metabolic breakdown, and contribute to endocrine imbalance.
A yeast free diet is recommended for usually one to three months. Some doctors whom are familiar with treating candida will give Nystatin to push it out of the digestive system quicker. Caprylic acid, which is a anti fungal supplement, along with probiotics is what you can take if a medical doctor is not seen.
It’s a tough diet, but when you begin to feel better and lose weight, it becomes easier to follow. Here is what you can eat:  chicken, fish, raw nuts, nut butters and seeds (no peanuts), vegetables (no corn), olive oil, coconut oil, almond or coconut milk, and lemons and limes. Lemon and lime are great for salad dressings instead of vinegar. What you cannot eat:  dairy, nothing fermented (wine, vinegar, salad dressings), nothing that may carry mold such as beans, peanuts, or grains. Absolutely no sugar. Remember – mold and sugar will continue to feed the growth of candida.
After 2 weeks small amounts of fruit may be added and whole grains such as quiona and amaranth as well as sweet potatoes.  Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium which is needed for thyroid function.
Eating well is not always about how we look but sometimes about correcting medical imbalances that traditional medicine on its own cannot treat or detect.  If issues are addressed early enough, medication may not ever be needed. If we feel good, then we look good!!!