The Functionally Fit Body

Chances are since you are reading this article, you are currently involved in an exercise program. I guess the questions would be “am I truly benefiting from my current routine, and am I exercising properly and efficiently?”

Usually by the time someone has sought me out for my services, there is frustration at some level that something in their body is not functioning harmoniously. Most times it is pain somewhere in the body, and it has been there for quite a while. No amount of weight training, golfing or running seems to improve it, and it is not going to!!! That is because nothing can take the place of functional movement.

There has to be a balance in the body between mobility, stability, and strength. Somewhere along the way, ususally with injuries, inactivity, etc. our body figures out a new way to move outside of our primal movement patterns we instinctively new as infants. So even though we feel we have healed through our injuries most times we have healed around them. The body and mind are very smart. You will figure out a whole new way to move to avoid pain. The end result is shutting down certain muscles and overcompensating with others.

The first session consists of a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). It is a series of seven movements incorporating upper and lower body simultaneously. The FMS shows movement patterns that are important to normal function. It will help identify limitations and asymmetris based on a score. This score is used to track progress and give specific exercises to customize a treatment plan. People of all fitness levels, from the least fit to the professional athlete will benefit. The system is a simple way to both communicae to the client and the practitioner current limitations and possible risk for injury. If the individual remains committed to the program, regular testing about every three months is performed. A great way for both to see and continue to be motivated.

So when you are searching for an answer to truly being fit ask yourself this question. “Am I functioning in my daily life tasks as efficiently as I would like?” If not, the amount of weight you are pushing in the gym does not matter in reality, only a meaningless number in your head.

For more information, go to Gray Cook and Lee Burton are two of the most gifted people in biomechanics and body work I have had the privilege to learn from. Check it out!!!