Reiki – II

In my 18 years of having the honor to give and receive Reiki, I have both seen and personally experienced incredible healings. Since I am such an animal lover, here is one of my favorites.
A friend of mine whom is a Reiki Master, attuned all her animals to give Reiki. One day while in her home barefoot, she stubbed her toe HARD on a chair in the living room. She sat in the chair and her dog came running over and immediately sat on her foot. He stayed there for about five minutes. She stood up to walk and he pushed her back into the chair and continued to sit on her foot about 10 minutes. When he felt her not accepting the energy anymore, he got up and gave her “the ok” to move about. She said her foot felt great!!!
As a human giving Reiki, you can tell when the energy stops flowing through your hands. That says the receiver has had enough for now. Seems like sweet Peetie new too!!!