Natural Progesterone

Wow!!  Where do I begin to talk about this amazing hormone. For those of us whom have been pregnant, we remember that deep, wonderful sleep the first trimester. Woman produce this hormone in both the ovaries and small amounts in the adrenals.  Besides being necessary for the survival of the fetus, it can serve on many other levels.
It can stimulate cells for bone building therefore assisting with osteoporosis. Normalize blood sugar, and assist thyroid function. Many doctors that have experience prescribing natural progesterone will treat endometriosis, PMS, depression, and fibrocystic breast/uterine disease.   It can also assist with water retention and libido.
Natural progesterone is made from plant products and has the same chemical structure our body makes. Provera, which is synthetic, has been chemically altered so it can be patented. Therefore because of this, the human body has no receptors to absorb synthetic progesterone!!!  Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent (therefore cannot make money) on a natural substance as the law currently states. Which is why they continue to badger congress to take away our rights to purchase supplements on our own. They want a piece of the pie!!!
Remember – you don’t have to be going through menopause to have hormone imbalances. How many 30 year olds do or did you know whom have any of the symptoms above?
If interested in bio identical hormone treatment, please be sure to see a doctor who is trained to treat in this realm.  Because we are about more than progesterone and estrogen. And eventhough they are natural, a prescription specifically for you needs to be filled by a compounding pharmacist.
 For more information on this topic, please refer to some of my previous articles.  Next time – natural estrogen(s).