Natural Estrogen

Such a controversial issue. I’ll do my best to try to explain why that is the case, and why most, but not all, doctors are defensive and against it.
A woman produces 3 types of estrogen. 80% estriol, 10% estrone, 10% estradiol. When a woman begins menopause, wouldn’t it be common sense to make sure these three estrogens continue to be replaced in our bodies in these same percentages?  One with common sense would think so.
Premarin, which is the most common synthetic estrogen comes from a pregnant mare, and consists of mostly estrone.  Estrace, which is another popular synthetic drug, consists of all estradiol.   So where is my 80, 10, 10 percentages in my body?  I guess me and a pregnant mare don’t have much in common after all!!!
Estradiol is the greatest stimulator of breast tissue which is why so many women were getting breast cancer and endometrial hyperplasia while on their synthetic estrogen therapies. They were being overstimulated with the wrong estrogen(s).  None of these synthetic prescriptions contain estriol.
When choosing a doctor to get you through pre, during and post menopause, they will know the correct bloodwork and saliva tests to perform on you. This will assure that your compounded prescription is geared toward you getting the estrogen(s), as well as other hormones, you need for YOUR body at the present time. Our bodies are in an ever constant state of change. What’s good today for you may not be the case in 3 months. So remember girls – all estrogen is not created equal!!!
Next time we will talk about symptoms to notice in your body to make you aware of what you might need.