Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage provides stress reduction, deep relaxation, increased circulation and relief
from physical pain. It stimulates the lymphatic system which will flush out toxins and excess water
from the body, thereby improving your immune system.
After 18 years of being a massage therapist, here is some advice about both choosing a therapist for yourself and receiving. First of all, deeper is not always better!  If you are in pain while receiving a massage, just how beneficial to “letting go” do you think is happening here?  An experienced, seasoned massage therapist knows how to work deeply without pain to allow you and your nervous system to release. Deep tissue, sports massage, etc., a knowledgable and intuitive therapist knows what techniques to do and how deep to work. No two clients should ever receive a “cookie cutter” massage. So don’t get caught up with labeling. Sometimes it’s just a spas fancy way to charge you more!!!
Remember – ultimately you and your spirit are the healer. A good therapist knows that their part is only to assist that process along.
Love and light in the new year!