Heal Your Body

Louise Hay is an author whom has dedicated her writings towards helping people understand the mental causes for our physical illnesses, and the metaphysical way to overcome them.
This quick reference guide lists the physical issue/dis-ease we are experiencing, followed by the mental thought patterns that form our experience, and lastly how to replace these old thought patterns with wonderful new healing affirmations.
Whenever I am experiencing issues with my body, I look it up in her book and make it a point to repeat these affirmations throughout the day. How interesting to discover that most of these patterns root in criticism, anger, resentment and guilt. It is a wonderful discovery to what has manifested in our subconscious.
When the need to continue smoking, practicing headaches, etc. , is gone, the outer effect must die!!!  As she states, “if you kill the root, the plant will die.”
What an amazing woman. Sexually abused as a child, she later was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. When practicing positive affirmations in meditation, she totally released all cancer. She needed no surgery, and has been cancer free for many years.   Wow!  Imagine the awe the doctors had.
The power of forgiveness IS an amazing thing.