Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach was a British medical doctor, pathologist, bacteriologist  and homeopath in the 1930’s. He developed the 38 flower essence remedies known as Bach Flower Remedies. He believed that diseases result from imbalances or negativity on the soul level. He studied the link between emotional states of his patients and disease and realized that flowers had healing properties that could be very beneficial.
Flower essences are created by placing a flower or part of a plant in water, placing it in sunlight, and allowing the water to take on the vibrational energies of that particular plant.  They are very gentle. They cannot due any harm even while on medications. There are no side effects or no risk of overdosing. If the incorrect blend is chosen, there will be no harm.
The best remedy is a custom blend. One that is made specifically for you, IN THE MOMENT!!  So if you are going through a difficult time with something now, doesn’t mean that same custom remedy will work for you next year. Our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies are ever changing and evolving.  I have custom blended Bach remedies for myself, my son, my clients, and – yes – even my pets!!!  I do this with muscle testing. (That is another article)
One remedy I use very frequently for panic, anxiety or any kind of stress relief is Rescue Remedy. Bach’s most popular remedy. In my home it is always mixed up in the fridge for emergency use. I give this to my dogs before they go to the vet or during a thunderstorm. I give it to my son if he is hurt and can’t calm down.  I used it daily while remodeling my house!!!   It can be taken orally or rubbed on ears or paws!!!
Bach remedies need to be diluted. Four drops of Rescue Remedy into a glass 30 ml dropper bottle. Add water not quite to the top so you leave room for dropper. Shake well, and store in fridge for up to 6 weeks. If you want to carry it with you without refridgeration,  then add one dropper full of apple cider vinegar to bottle to preserve the blend. Before taking, shake well. Only 2-4 drops are needed. Be your own best judge of frequency depending on the severity of the situation. Be sure not to let dropper touch mouth or anything as it will contaminate the rest of your blend.
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