Rhett Barrett

Personal Trainer / Medical Exercise Specialist

Rhett Barrett, Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, has been in the fitness, health and wellness industry since 1993. He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Corporate Health and Wellness.

He was Fitness Director for DuPont Employees Recreation Association for a year and then moved to Houston to work for the University of Texas Medical School as an Assistant Fitness Director for the fitness center for medical school students and employees of Memorial Herman Hospital. In addition to his responsibilities at UT, he also maintained a regular schedule of clients at other facilities as a Personal Trainer.

His interest has always been in helping people with medical and orthopedic issues. His MES training has enabled him to help many people with hip, knee, shoulder, and back issues as well as MS, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and other medical conditions. From having such an extensive background in rehabilitation, he began to have a greater interest in how the body moves as one unit as opposed to body parts.

In 2006, he certified in TRX basic training, and in 2011 certified in FMS (Functional Movement Screen). Combining all of these modalities is what makes his workouts so effective. He understands how to correct movement patterns as well as challenge each client on an individual basis.

Rhett is an avid runner and has ran 12 marathons and 26 half marathons. Among the most challenging was the Disney Goofy Challenge three times and the Dopey Challenge once. Obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder and Battle Frog are among his favorite. He has trained several clients to complete both half and full marathons as well prepared them to complete the obstacle races of their choice.

Rhett continues to educate himself understanding that clients goals and needs will change with an aging population.