I started going to Pilates classes at Synchronized Kneads in July 2008, attending a small group class, which was great. After four years of taking classes with 3 – 4 friends I decided to take advantage of Laurie Neri Barrett’s FMS training and take individual sessions to take me to the next level. Now, I am stronger (and leaner) than I have ever been. Laurie was able to evaluate me and tell me what areas I needed to work on and gave me exercises to strengthen my whole body but especially my core muscles. She works every part of my body every week, explains how my body is working well and where it needs improvement. She often gives suggestions for exercises I can do at home that are simple, easily accomplished and effective which is so much better than a trainer giving difficult and lengthy home “work” that I never get around to doing. I get more from her one-on-one sessions than I ever thought I would and highly recommend her studio. She is willing to work with any budget and time frame that needs to be accommodated and has many qualified instructors.

Mary Gangelhoff

After 15 years of Chiropractors and yoga I thought I’d just have to live with back pain and limited activity until a friend recommended Synchronized Kneads. After one session Laurie Neri and husband Rhett put a supervised exercise and rehab plan in place and two years later I’m pain free, playing golf regularly and planning a skiing trip this coming spring. They are real pros and will be honest about whether they can help you or not. I highly recommend them.

Mark Strange