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You have read my past articles about the thyroid.  How important so many nutritional requirements are to keep it functioning properly and efficiently.  One trace mineral found in soil, selenium, I have mentioned briefly in another post on the thyroid.   It works as an antioxidant by neutralizing free radical damage and inflammation; therefore increasing our immune system and protect our cells .  If balanced properly, selenium will help produce hormone vital to helping not only the thyroid function  properly but also protect against heart disease, normalize cholesterol, and infertility in both men and woman.

Selenium is also an effective way to detoxify the body of heavy metals.  You can get selenium from brazil nuts, eggs (yolks), liver, tuna, cod, and seeds.  Sometimes if there is an absorption issue, such as people with Chron’s disease, additional supplementation is needed.  As you know from my other posts, many people with thyroid issues have intestinal issues blocking absorption also.  We are not only about what we eat, but about what we assimilate and absorb into our cells.  There can be genetic mutations inhibiting that.  But that is another Post!!!

So if you have thyroid issues, it may be a good idea to supplement your diet with 200 mcg. per day.


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