Animal Speak – Ted Andrews

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Have you ever wondered why certain animals keep appearing in your life? If you believe that we are all connected here, as I do, you will know that all nature, be it animal, flower, tree, etc., has a message for you.

We all have a totem animal. Usually that is a creature you have a strong attraction to. A great way to know what characteristics you should be strengthening is to watch and learn about that animal.

My animal totem is an owl. They quietly watch and listen very attentively from the trees above. The information for us may be that we need to watch and listen carefully and take all we can in from situations, gain much wisdom before we react or make a decision.

We may also have a period of time in our lives that we get frequent visits from other animals.   Or even daily visits from different creatures both great and small. They are all here to teach and guide our spirit to a better place.  One of my favorite books, Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews will guide you through a new, magical journey in love and light.